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Unveiling Jaipur's Finest Corporate Event Venue for Unmatched Experiences


Elevate Your Corporate Gatherings: Premier Event Locations in Jaipur

Choose us for your corporate events, team-building, and corporate events. Our versatile corporate event venues provide the ideal setting for a memorable corporate day outing. Strengthen your team dynamics at one of the finest team outing places in Jaipur. Experience unparalleled excellence as we redefine corporate event locations, ensuring a seamless blend of fun and celebration in every gathering.

Elevate Your Corporate Gatherings: Team Building and Unforgettable Breaks at The Pink Falcon



The break time is not just a pause in the agenda; it's an opportunity for colleagues to share light-hearted moments, and return to the tasks at hand with renewed energy and focus. At the Pink Falcon, we believe that a well-deserved break is not just a momentary pause but an integral part of creating a balanced and enjoyable corporate experience for teams. From the games to the meals, we contribute to a well-rounded and enjoyable break for workaholics in Jaipur.



Go-karting serves as a powerful corporate team-building tool. The shared experience of maneuvering through the track creates bonds, encourages communication, and strengthens the sense of unity among colleagues. It's an opportunity for teams to strategize, collaborate, and showcase their collective skills in a dynamic environment. So choosing us would make you choose the best venue for corporate events in Jaipur for your employees & colleagues. The laughter and cheers around the track echo the success of a team coming together for a shared adventure.
Let the competition begin, and watch as your team bonds over the exhilarating twists and turns of a Go-karting adventure



Our venue offers a delightful space for colleagues to not only enjoy thrilling games  but also to savor a culinary experience that enhances the overall bonding atmosphere. The café, adjacent to the gaming, invites teams to relish a diverse menu of mouthwatering food and beverages. From savory snacks to gourmet meals and a variety of refreshing drinks, our culinary offerings cater to diverse tastes and preferences



We also provide a presentation room, offering a seamless transition from the gaming and cafe experience to more formal aspects of corporate events where the attendees can gather for briefings, discussions, and presentations. The room is designed to cater to the technological needs of corporate events, featuring audio-visual facilities and comfortable seating arrangements. This versatile space ensures that the Pink Falcon not only serves as a hub for entertainment and delights but also as a professional environment for productive meetings and presentations if required.



Whether it's a captivating aerial shot of your team engaged in a competitive game or a panoramic view of the venue during a well-deserved break, our drone photography adds a visually stunning dimension to your corporate gathering. These high-quality, aerial snapshots become cherished mementos, capturing the essence of collaboration and camaraderie among your team members.

At the Pink Falcon, we believe that every detail matters, and our drone photography service is another way we strive to make your corporate event truly unforgettable. It's not just an event; it's an experience, and our drone photography ensures that every remarkable moment is preserved from a perspective that goes beyond the ordinary.

Our crew members are well-versed in safety protocols, diligently overseeing gaming activities, presentations, and dining areas. Whether you're navigating virtual reality adventures, enjoying a meal, or participating in team-building exercises, our team is there to guide and assist you, ensuring that every aspect of your experience adheres to the highest safety standards At the Pink Falcon, your corporate event is not only about entertainment and collaboration; it's about trust and well-being. 

Group Packages Available for 8 or More Racers

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Go Karting Racing

Practice / Warm Up Session

Qualifying Session 


Presentation & Private Room
For Post Race meals & Briefing


Food And Beverage

Cooler Drinks 


Main Course 

Drone Videography

4K Drone Shots of Every Race 

From Corporate Events to Team Building - We got you covered!


Team Building Initiiavtes

Go karting is the perfect activity for team building initiatives. It provides a fun and exciting way for teams to come together, challenging each other to be the best. Our go karting arena provides a safe and secure environment for your team to bond, build relationships, and have a great time.


Christmas / Diwali / Holiday Parties

Go Karting is the perfect way to bring your colleagues together and celebrate the season! Our corporate packages include everything you need for a festive get-together, from racing to food and drinks, ensuring a fun and memorable experience to make the festive season a blast.


Target Celebrations

Our Target Celebrations service is perfect for recognizing achievements in the workplace. Treat your colleagues to an adrenaline-filled go karting championship, and reward their hard work with an unforgettable experience. Give positive motivation and encouragement with a thrilling race around the track.



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